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Proyecto de Aprendizaje y Servicio

The Learning and Service project (LsP) called "HUMAN TECHNOLOGY" is an ORIGINAL project from teachers of the “Pablo Serrano” VET (Vocational education and training) Institute based on a collaboration between Electronics department and Information Technology department with some Special Education Institutions from Aragon and centres for the disabled.

The collaboration focuses on four aspects:

  1. Maintenance of specific equipment for special education institutions or centers for disabled people:   Maintenance of specific equipment and instruments used in special education or centres for persons with disabilities (communicators, special keyboards, elements for the sensory stimulation rooms,...).
  2. Implementing adaptations:   Equipment and toys adapted to be used by special education students or people with disabilities.
  3. Creating of electronic equipment:   Electronic equipment designed, tested and manufactured to be useful for teachers and students in special education entities or centres for persons with disabilities.
  4. Computer applications development:   focused on really useful applications designed for special education and for people with disabilities (running on android). Support is given to the other project's activities.

Both the repairs and the adaptations and projects are carried out by students of electronics , guided by their teachers.

The specific software for special education is developed by the IT students guided by their teachers.

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