El pasado mes de abril, un grupo de alumnos de 4ºESO disfrutaron de una semana de inmersión lingüística en inglés en Santa Susana mientras hacían diversas actividades y practicaban varios deportes. Todos han vuelto encantados de vivir esta experiencia. Os dejamos una pequeña reseña. 

“The English week that I spent in Santa Susana was one of the best weeks that I have experienced.
The first day there, we saw the bungalows and we put all our bags and things there. Then, we went to eat and after  that we took a little train to go to the adventure park where we did different activities like climbing, archery, zip lines …
I enjoyed them very much. Then, we returned to the camp and we had dinner. In our free time we changed our clothes and we got ready for the disco party.
The second day we got up at half past seven, and after breakfast we started doing activities and playing games with Molly and Ulton, our counselors.
The third day we started playing games on the beach like stop, bomba or the one in which you need to take the handkerchief after the other team takes it. Also in the afternoon we went to the swimming pool with Molly and Ulton, we made a play called blinding dates and we learned a dance that we all danced at the disco party that night.
My favorite part of the fourth day was the water sports like kayaking, paddle surfing and skating, that was incredible.
And finally, on Friday we went horse riding and orientering, those were also one of my favorite activities. Then we ate in the dining room, we said goodbye to our counselors and we left for Zaragoza.” 

Carolina Sanz, 4th ESO A