SANTA SUSANA 2018-2019

" We have spent the week in Santa Susana. We slept in bungalows. In my opinion they are old and some things are spoiled. The activity managers are young people and they are very nice. We've done several activities, for instance, horse riding, kayaking and climbing. I think I have learnt a lot of English. I have met people and I have enjoyed the experience". SERGIO TORRES. 2º ESO A

"In our trip to the English Week in Santa Susana we did a lot of activities with our monitors Jordan and Laura and we enjoyed ourselves. We celebrated a wedding, we visited the village, we made a rap, we also went horse riding, orienteering, kayaking and  did adventure sports such as rock climbing, archery... It was an amazing experience and I'm going to remember this week all my life". 3º ESO B 

"The students of 3rd ESO have gone to Santa Susana. When we arrived there, we were shown the whole campsite and the bungalows where we would sleep. Every day we had disco after dinner, and we went to sleep at 12 o'clock at night. On Tuesday we did different activities to improve English, on Wednesday morning we played in the pool and on the beach. On Thursday, we started with the activities outside the camp such as horse riding, later zip-line and climbing. To finish, on Friday, we went kayaking and after lunch we went back to Zaragoza. This week was amazing. Besides, I learned a lot of English and I was able to meet many people and have fun with them". ISMAEL MONTEAGUDO. 3º ESO B 

"Do you want to have an amazing experience? You have to go to the 'English Week' in Santa Susana. There, you will learn a lot of English with many Irish teachers, you will go horse riding, climbing... you will also go to the beach and you will do kayaking and many more fun activities. You will stay one week there with your friends and you will meet more people. Go there, it's amazing!" IRIA SALESA 2º ESO A.


Santa Susana 2018-2019 Santa Susana 2018-2019 Santa Susana 2018-2019 Santa Susana 2018-2019 Santa Susana 2018-2019