Our australian experience


Last November we were asked to host a bunch of Australian students who wanted to learn our language and culture. We thought it could be a really interesting experience and we agreed to have them with us.

They came on 14th December and left on 14th January. They spent a month with some of our families and enjoyed our Christmas celebrations, which turned out to be very different from theirs.

Brooklyn Doomadge, Oliver Carr, Imogen Romot and Isabella Janick attended classes and took part in our school life. They always showed respect and seemed willing to help and learn.

We are delighted to be able to carry out these enriching experiences and we will always welcome them.

Students’ opinions

Brooklyn Doomadge

My overall experience in Spain has been magnificent. I went to school, shopping, the snow, I even went to France for a day. The people here have been extremely nice and welcoming. I especially love all the kissing that they do when they say hello. My host family was very nice to me and treated me like part of the family. I love my host sister.

Oliver Carr

My experience in Spain was memorable for all the right reasons. The food, people, family and generally welcoming environment that I was brought into was wonderful! While at times Sergio and I had some moments due to a difference in interests, his excellent personality and general good nature made my experience here easy to enjoy.

This trip will be remembered by me fondly as I felt I have grown as a person while creating some excellent memories.

Isabella Janick

My one in a Lifetime experience in Spain was incredibly warming and memorable. The people I have been so blessed to meet along this journey have been nothing less than generous, loving and kind-hearted. All the traditions and festivals were very different from my own. Thank you mostly to Eva and her family, for treating me like one of their own and showing me this enchanting city.

I will definitely be coming back to this beautiful place!

Victoria Albero

Ha sido una muy buena experiencia estar con ella. Nos hemos compenetrado muy bien. Me ha gustado enseñarle español aunque le haya costado un poco. Y también he disfrutado mucho enseñándole nuestra cultura española.

Eva García

Ha sido una gran experiencia el poder ayudar a aprender tu idioma a una persona y al mismo tiempo conocer más otra lengua y otra cultura.

 Ana García

Ha sido un lujo compartir un mes con gente tan maja y tan diferente, aprender su cultura y probar comida típica preparada por ella. Al ser hija única, ha sido como una hermana para mí.

 Sergio Guillén

Una experiencia maravillosa donde aprendes más el idioma y donde convives con gente estupenda. La repetiría, sin duda … Aunque esta vez, ¡en Australia!