Santa Susana 2017

In Santa Susana we did lots of things such as raft building, kayaking, rock climbing, archery, adventure park, paddle surfing, pedalo, and horse riding.

In our free time we went to the pool, the beach, played football and basketball, We stayed in our bungalows with our friends.

We had Irish teachers (they couldn't speak Spanish), with them we learnt English and how to play English games. We also danced, did role-plays, some projects and more things.

We think it is a very good activity for people of our age because you have to be responsible with the things which are in the bungalows.

The facilities were very comfortable but they were a little small.

We had a great English Week with our teachers and mates.


                                                                       Raúl Molines and Nicolás Zarazaga 3ºA



From 11th to 16th June. We went to Santa Susana, the bungalows were the smallest in the camping but they were good.

In our free time we could play basket, table tennis etc. Also we could stay at the bungalows drinking coke and eating some chips, at night we went to the disco to dance with our friends.

We could go to the beach and the pool in the free time. I recommend you to go to Santa Susana the following years.


                                                                              Germán Aguilar and Raúl Gracia 3ºA