My experience in England

Last week, some students of 1º Bachillerato visited London during five days. It has been a fantastic trip. The first day we arrived, we visited Chinatown at night, Covent Garden and we went for a walk around the hostel. The other days we had everything planned. For example, we went out to visit the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge; they were incredible. We also visited the most important landmarks in London, like Big Ben and the London eye. During the trip we visited a lot of parks and green spaces like St. James Park, Hyde Park or Regent’s Park. They were very beautiful and when you were walking you could see squirrels by your side. Also, we visited some museums like British Museum, Science or History museum; I really liked the last one. I took a lot of photos of this trip and I have enjoyed it a lot with all my friends. It was a wonderful experience and teachers were very nice to us. I would like to come back soon.

Alba Mota 1ºA Bach



Going to London has been my dream since I was 8 years old and I didn’t really believe that I went there.

I loved the amazing experience on the London Eye, all the creatures that I saw in the Natural History Museum, the good treatment of English people, the mythic fish and chips, the ferry to Greenwich…

I really used the English language and it wasn’t too difficult to understand what people were saying. I really enjoyed this trip because of my friends too. They made everything different and special, even when my feet were hurting and I couldn’t walk.

I really hope to come back soon. London, wait for me!

Alicia González Bernal 1ºB Bach


Our trip to London began on March 2oth, Tuesday. We were really excited, some of us hadn’t been in a plane before. The flight was nice, and we got there around 21:00 because our flight was delayed. We arrived at the hostel and we took some rest.

The next few days were amazing, we visited a lot of interesting and beautiful places, we tried to practise our English and we bought a lot of things. It was a great experience, we got to know some cool parts of the city like Camden Town, or the interesting ones like the museums, we also visited another different, Oxford. Oxford was beautiful and peaceful, I liked it the most.

This trip has been amazing and I would come back tomorrow. Thanks to this trip I was able to visit one of my favourite countries. I would change one thing though, the walking. It wouldn’t be so hard to take the tube (underground) more often, would it? Anyway, apart from that, this trip was marvellous.


London   London   London


London London London